Consulting Small Business Startups

House of Ashmont

We are a Small Business Coaching Team, Supporting Small Minority & Women Owned Businesses Through the Beginning, Growth Building Stages, of Business Development and Ownership.
Stay Tuned for our Small Business Co-op & Office Space Opening Soon !!

Assisting You in Getting Your Business Started!

House Of Ashmont provides access to collaborative, private, workspaces for new and growing business owners. This co-op is a place for startups to assemble, network, join incubators and accelerators. Each small business will receive one-on-one support, from the start; all the way through your business building process.

Supplying Affordable Studio Rentals
Camera Equiupment & Film Supplies

With Social Media being a crucial factor to marketing, advertising and promoting a business. Every startup will have the access and ability to, affordably, build your business with today's technology.

Computers Available for your New Business Start Up

Office equipment can be a huge expense for any starting business owner. At House of Ashmont, all start ups will have access to computers, printers, copy machines, phones and office supplies.

Classes, Courses & Seminars

Education and knowledge can make or break a newly started business. At House of Ashmont, business owners will have ongoing access to the business industry's top wealth builders, CPAs, business planners, grant writers and so much more! We want to make sure your business is a success

Always someone here to help

We know, first hand, how stressful and scary it is to start a brand new business; to make certain that it is steadily growing. We, at the House of Ashmont, will always have someone here, on staff, around the clock, to assist you with your business goals, answer your business questions, help you with studio equipment and assist you in the co-op space.

House Of Ashmont
Atlanta Co-op Location

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